Epic Montargil Tour

OffRoad Portugal - 4 Days Tour

3 Nights
4 Days
500 Kms
3 Riding days


For all levels of experience, this is a 4 days tour; your arrival day, plus 3 expedition days biking.
EPIC! This is the best way to describe this expedition tour. Before Montargil and way beyond we have more than 300 kms of amazing fast slalom riding! It will seem must faster because when riding close to the branches it will give you a huge sensation of speed and adrenaline. We have for you 2 days of dirt ride Super G Slalom and a day in the montains with uphills and fire tracks.
This tour goes perfectly in a Large Weekend Tour, a mini-holiday to decompress, .
Starting and ending in the beautiful World Heritage city of Évora.

There is the possibility to add an extra night in Lisbon at the end of your tour and include a dinner with a Fado performance (World Music Heritage).
Non-bikers also possible in our rallyraid support vehicle.
Bring your family. We may manage a program that allows everybody to join in the end of the day and at lunch time.

You will experience
More than 500 kms km of all kinds of trails through forest, single track, technical and fast flat lanes
The beauty of the North Alentejo as you never seen it
The best accomodation in three diferent places: a new 4 stars hotel in Évora, country house in the midlle of Alentejo and a misterious convent hidden on the hillside of Serra D`Ossa
Wonderful meals of traditional Portuguese Cuisine
Friendly, welcoming people
Unforgettable memories
The wide planes of Alentejo
GPS Navigation

Day 0

Arrival to Lisbon Airport. A transfer can be arranjed to reduce costs will take an hour to Évora, World Heritage by UNESCO. Check in at the hotel and try on the bike gear. Dinner at nice restaurant in side the ancient city walls and you can miss the opportunity to meet some of the historical spots of Évora.

Dia 1.: Évora - Lameira: 182 kms

Breakfast at 8.00 and prepare for a demanding track day. Briefing to explain you how to use your GPS, general rules and safety behavior during the tour. Leaving Évora towards north you`ll find flat easy tracks to adapte to your new KTM and GPS. After 30 kms you`ll arrive to the beautifull village of Arraiolos with a simple but very nice round castle wall from the XIII century. Leaving Arraiolos and for all day long you´ll be riding between cork oak trees and catle in a very Alentejo typical scenery. Very smooth tracks with large curves will giving you the best drifting sensations. Twisting from slippery to easy sandy tracks with barriers that allow you to drift to limit you´ll have the joy of your life. On smooth and undulated lanes you are now on our way to Montargil lake, the dam was built for irrigation purpose but is also used for summer sports like jetski, water ski, etc. Lunch in a typical Alentejo restaurant where you may have the best grilled meat. In the afternoon beautiful fast tracks perfect to improve your performance and taste the power of your bike drifting. Be careful the cork oaks will not move their branches to let you pass through. Moving north trough ondulated fast tracks where the bike suspension has to work in all it course you will flight from a hole to another, very nice and phisycally demanding...a joy! In the end of the day arriving to the beautifull rural Hotel with a very hight performante agricultural business you may have your deserved fresh beer or an awarded Alentejo wine telling your mates the high lights of your riding day. Dinner at the Rural Hotel of Lameira.

Dia 2.: Lameira - Serra D`Ossa: aprox. 199 kms

Breakfast at 8,00 and briefing to summarize the track day, remember about safety rules and other detais. Have nice and strong meal! Starting like ended the day before with smooth and undullated tracks with lot of traction. You will feel stronger and confident and I know you will want to push forward. Drive safe on your confort zone please. Lunch at Vimieiro in a typical restaurant with a very welcoming yard. After lunch and using fast straight tracks between big farm properties you`ll feel how powerfull your bike is. Heading to Serra D`Ossa where we`ll stay the night in an outstanding convent from the XII century hidden in the midle of the hillside. To get there twisted and tight tracks only using your GPS you can reach the St. Paul`s Convent. Take a time to visit the convent! The dinner is at the Convent but you can eat like a king.

Dia 3.: Serra D`Ossa - Évora: aprox. 150 kms

Breakfast at 8.00 and last briefing with safety reminders. A very technical morning in Serra D`Ossa is waiting for you. Tight turns and slow but very technical corners contrasting with the 2 previous days. Uphill and downhills for all levels of ridding. For those who don`t feel confortable with big descents or uphilll we have alterantives. After a refill at the vineyard village of Redondo we are on our way to Monsaraz an outstanding fortified village conquered from the Moors on the XII century and take the chance to admire the wide of the biggest artificial lake of Europe. Lunch will be served on the lakeside. After lunch back to Évora between vineyards and wineries. Arriving Évora it`s time to have a quick bath and prepare for our last meal together.

It was good but short just now that you were starting to gain the coffidence on the bike and terrain!
Come back we will show you what more, much more Alentejo has to offer on offroad bikes.

Your transfer back to Lisbon can leave you at the airport around 8.00pm.

The Bikes
KTM 450 EXC Fuel Injection
GPS loaded with routes
3rd party Insurence for the bikes

Accomodation and meals
3 Nights in twin share accomodation at Hotels or Country Houses.
3 Breakfasts
3 Dinners
3 Lunches

Back up assistence
Support vehicle with mechanic and spare parts
Tour Leader

Do not forget
Medical insurance with repatriation (mandatory)
1000€ returnable deposit for bike and gps damages
Driving licence (mandatory)
Money for coffee breaks and personal expenses

Chest Protector
Knee Protectors
Elbow Protectors
Enduro Trousers
Note: for guaranteed comfort, we always recommend you bring your own. However, we can supply these for a one-off charge of 80€. Enduro waterproof jacket and enduro shirt are no included on rentals.

Clothing and other stuff
Lightweight thermal underwear the best option to use over your skin
Sports Socks
Swim wear
Camel Backwith about 1.5 litres (OBLIGATORY)
Waterproof jacket

Medical stuff
Aspirins/paracetamol – some form of pain killer
Anti-inflammatory pills/cream
Lip salve – to avoid chapped lips
Sun cream
Rehydration powders.
Energy/glucose tablets

Transfers to and from Lisbon Airport
We can manage with other riders to reduce costs. Starting in 35€/person (each way) for groups with more than 3 people.

Reservation process

Reservations are made on HorizonAdventures website (www.horizonadventures.pt). Several extras can be added during the booking process, right after the selection of your tour. The optional extras will be displayed in several lines right below the booked tour. We strongly recommend all participants to plan the return flight on the day after the last riding day. For this reason, the last day’s dinner and accommodation is a pre-selected add on. If a participant need to catch the return flight on the same day, he’s free to remove this extra, before closing the bill.

When finalizing the booking the participant will be asked for a first deposit to reserve his bike. A 3,5% handling fee will be added to cover administrative costs.

As soon as we receive the first deposit, the place on the tour will be reserved. This payment is non-refundable in any case, but can be used if the customer wants to relocate to another tour, as long as it’s booked within 12 months after the initial tour date.

Once we receive confirmation of the bank transfer, we will send an email notification confirming your place on the tour. In this email you will find a link to be used to proceed with the second payment (the customer must enter the same importance as on the first deposit). This payment should take place no later than 60 days before the start of the tour.

The remaining payment is due at your arrival, before the start of the event.

Reservations are accepted only after the acceptance of the present Terms & Conditions, by ticking on the related check box.

Payments can be made by Paypal. Contact us for other methods of payment.

Transfer IN / Transfer OUT

We can arrange the transfers from/to the Airport. We will try as much as possible to join more participants booked on the same tour. If you’re interested to share these transfers, please don’t forget to add it on your booking process.

The extra cost included on the Booking extras is calculated for a minimum of 4 persons. If the group to be transferred is less than 4 participants the cost will be higher, and balanced on your arrival (send us an email should you want more details on these over costs).


If a participant book a tour, but for some reason the payment has not been processed, or if only the first payment was done, but the second payment is overdue with less than 60 days prior to the event, HorizonAdventures will not secure the place on the tour, and reserves the right to cancel the reservation and open this place for other participants.

If a participant withdrawal occurs between 60 and 30 days before the start of the tour, HorizonAdventures will return 50% of the amount paid to date by the participant, except the first deposit, which is non-refundable.

If the withdrawal takes place less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the tour, HorizonAdventures will not return any payment to the customer.

HorizonAdventures reserves the right, at any time, to cancel, change the itinerary or interrupt a tour when, for any reason, the safety or comfort of the participants are not guaranteed in countries or regions visited on the tour, including force majeure as riots, floods, earthquakes, etc.

If HorizonAdventures defeat the realization of the tour, all participants will be reimbursed in full amount they have paid.

Specifically on tours “The Big Lake” and “Atlantic Odyssey”, HorizonAdventures reserves the right to change the itinerary of the tour if 30 days prior to the starting date, there are less than 4 riders confirmed. In such case “Atlantic Odyssey” will be replaced by a 3 days tour + 2 days loop, and the “The Big Lake Tour” will be replaced by a 2 days tour + 2 days loop. A loop is when the start & end of the day stage takes place in the same location (in this case Évora). In such case 3 options are available:
1. Accept the itinerary changes,
2. Relocate to the next tour,
3. Quit the participation and get reimbursed on the full amount paid (if the change becomes reality).
In any case, if till the last minute the minimum of 4 riders is achieved, HorizonAdventures will come back to the initial itinerary as described on the website.


The bikes included in the tour package are limited to be used exclusively in the scope and course of the tour. It doesn’t include and will not be allowed to use the bike outside the described route, or particular uses on rest days and / or at the end of daily stages.

In some HorizonAdventures tours a spare bike is carried. This bike will be used free of charge if there is a mechanical breakdown. During the tour HorizonAdventures is not obligated to replace a damaged bike due to fall or accident.

Before beginning the tour, the client agrees to pay a deposit of ONE THOUSAND EUROS, to cover any damages caused on the bike, during the event. This amount will be returned in full provided that no damage has occurred.

A final check will be done in the presence of the participant to evaluate any possible damages. If for whatever reason it is not possible to check the bikes at the end of the tour (eg: Urgency to catch return flight), HorizonAdventures will have up to 7 days to advise the participant of those damages, which the participant accept to be charged.

Wheelies are not allowed - If damage is caused as the result of doing a wheelie the client will be responsible for the cost of all damages, independently of the deposit to cover damages.


The personal and group security is a priority for HorizonAdventures.

Horizon Adventures has a contract with the world's biggest rescue company, with a wide medical care coverage around the globe. If a severe accident occur we will put your safety first and therefore we will activate this rescue service. If the Rescue Service is activated, independently of the severity of the injury (that might only be confirmed later at the medical care facilities), Horizon Adventures may be asked to support extra costs outside the rescue insurance we have contracted. In such cases, Horizon Adventures will charge the customer for such costs, as they derive from the accident which the customer accept to be is solely responsibility.

The client must hold a full motorbike driving license which must be brought on the tour, and has made known of any endorsements or restrictions made to it by the licensing authorities.

The irresponsibly use of the bike, disregarding the rules of transit or the tour, will not be tolerated and cause the immediate suspension of the pilot, and the bike will be locked.

In the event of an accident involving a third party, in which the participant (driver) is found guilty, in particular for infringing the traffic rules, the participant's responsibility will be the total replacement of the damage caused on the bike, regardless of the initial deposit

All fines, judicial costs, etc., derived from any form of traffic infraction or other, caused by the client during the tour, will be payable by the client.

For all intents and purposes, the client is aware of the current legislation in Portugal and therefore assure, under Article 40, paragraph 2 of Law 5/2007, from January 16th, approving the Basic Law of Physical Activity and Sport, that does not have any contraindications to the practice of various sporting activities, which will be taking place.

The client declare that he has taken note of the program, including the fact that he will mainly engage in driving motorcycles and all risks associated with the practice of this sport, taking any and all liabilities arising from acts performed by him of which result in damages to HorizonAdventures, or others, and accept to be obliged to pay compensation to the affected parties at the precise extent of this damage.

If the client leaves the tour voluntarily before completion of the tour, or is required to do so by HorizonAdventures, (on the grounds that the client’s presence is detrimental to the safety or well-being of the tour or any one person on the tour), then all liability that HorizonAdventures may bear to that client (namely the event insurance) will cease immediately. HorizonAdventures will have no responsibility for repatriation of the participant, or any other expenses which may arise out of such an event.

Insurance Policy

HorizonAdventures has contracted for all its activities a Liability Insurance, mandatory for all Touristic Animation Agents, according to article 27 of Decree-Law No. 108/2009 of May, 15th amended by the Decree-Law No. 95/2013 of July, 19th.

The motorbikes of HorizonAdventures are covered by a Liability Insurance (civil responsibility third party).

HorizonAdventures has a Personal Accident Insurance to cover his clients on any tour. The client is aware of the conditions of the Personal Accident Insurance, inherent to the tour, in particular the conditions and the coverage, according to article 27 of Decree-Law No. 108/2009 of May, 15th assuming responsibility for any damage not covered by its Policy, as well as any expenses that exceed the coverages of that policy, or any disease / pernicious situation that may occur.

Additionally, each participant must book in his country of residence a travel insurance including health care with repatriation to his own country, to be used in the event of an accident or medical emergency. This insurance must explicitly not exclude the bike as means of transport, and has to be valid in all countries included on the tour. The client acknowledges that this specific risk coverage is his solely responsibility.

Room distribution

All tour prices are based on a twin room sharing.

The Single room supplement can be added on the booking process (extra cost). There is a limited number of single rooms which will be confirmed on a first come, first serve basis. If you are traveling alone but wish to share a twin room, HorizonAdventures will try to find you a roommate in the same situation.

If HorizonAdventures is unable to find a roommate, the last participant to book the tour will have to be charged for single room supplement.

Rules during the tour

In the initial briefing, some basic rules will be communicated to the group. Failure to follow these rules or any other staff indication that could compromise the security of any member of the group will result in immediate suspension of the participant.
- Do not surpass the Tour Leader;
- Do not leave the GPS track;
- Respect traffic regulations and local speed limits;
- Do not consume alcoholic beverages during riding hours;
- Meet the timetables set out in the daily briefing;
- Comply with the directions and decisions of the Tour Leader.

Tour Changes

Tours are operated on a seasonal basis. If variations in weather conditions that may result in damaged / dangerous road conditions, HorizonAdventures may change the tour itinerary and accommodations. In such case, the route will be adjusted and alternative hotels & restaurants will be used.


Customer cancelation or no show

If a customer withdraw from a tour already booked with total or partial payments already done, Horizon Adventures will keep a credit with this customer to be used during the following 12 months after the tour date. This credit will be kept without any penalties if Horizon Adventures is notified at least with 1 month anticipation from the tour start date. Shorter term notifications will impact on penalties that will be deducted on the amounts previously paid. The credit with the customer is calculated based on the formula CREDIT = PAYMENTS - PENALTIES, and is valid for 12 months. The penalties are applied on the sum of payments previously done for the mentioned tour, on the following basis: less than 4 weeks notification 10% penalty; less than 3 weeks notification 20% penalty; less than 2 weeks notification 30% penalty; less than 1 week notification 40% penalty; No Show without any notification to Horizon Adventures 50% penalty.


Required documents

- Valid passport with expiration date higher than 6 months after the end of the tour.

- Driving license is mandatory for all tours.

- Credit card for online pre-payment authorizations (eg: deposit for bike damages).

- Travel insurance including health care and repatriation to the country of residence.

Photo and video material

Photos and videos produced by HorizonAdventures in any tour are property of HorizonAdventures. The copyright is owned by HorizonAdventures.

With the acceptance of these terms and conditions, HorizonAdventures is authorized to use all this material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images of tours where participants can be recognized. Participants aren’t entitled to any claim against HorizonAdventures due to the use of these materials.

Final considerations

The client will comply strictly with the laws and customs of all countries visited, whether in respect of health, immigration, exchange control, drugs or any other matter.

Any discrepancy that may arise between the client and HorizonAdventures will be dealt with under the jurisdiction of the Company's home country - Portugal.

Read carefully the conditions described above and clarify all of your doubts.

To complete the booking process the client must agree and accept all these terms and conditions by ticking on the related checkbox.