CNRR / R3 Rally Raid

OffRoad Portugal - 2 Days Tour

2 Nights
2 Days
400 Kms
2 Riding days


The CNRR / R3 - RALLY-RAID PORTUGAL 2022 will be based on 4 events running up to 2022, December, 31st.

This championship is organized under "Federação Motociclismo de Portugal (FMP)" and the clubs selected by FMP, with the support of R3 Roadbook Rally Raid.


The CNRR / R3 - RALLY-RAID PORTUGAL  2021 calendar will be (provisional dates):

:: March, 18th - 20th       :: Rd1 - Baja TT ACP (Grândola) - only Rally category

:: October, 14th - 16th     :: Rd2 - Mação Verde Horizonte

:: November, 11th - 13th :: Rd3 - Rally Raid da Serra ao Mar

:: December, 2nd - 4th    :: Rd4 - Alcanena Capital da Pele

(dates can be changed without previous notification as per FMP and Clubs decision)


The Concept

Based on the FIM and FIA model and respecting all roadbook navigation principals used in the World Championship and Rally Dakar, R3 aims to be a reference of quality and precision that allows all participants an authentic roadbook navigation experience.

Open to Motorbikes, Quads and SSV, the R3 events are suitable for everyone, from the most experienced riders (who wants to practice for an official race) to the beginners (aiming to be challenged on roadbook navigation). For this reason participants have the choice to register in different categories, being RALLY and RALLY2 the ones with timed sections. More details below.


CNRR - Rally-Raid Portugal Championship 2022

There are different categories you can register in, but only one will nominate a National Champion by the end of the year:

:: RALLY - This category includes timed sections. Results by time including penalties. The final result is your time on the crono sections + speed penalties + missed track section penalties (all converted into a timed result). FMP licence is mandatory, or a start permission for non-Portuguese riders. The overall winner at the end of the Championship will be National Champion.

Besides the race to the top, there are other Trophy's in dispute:

......... RALLY 2 - this trophy is the only one with timed sections. FMP licence is mandatory. It has the same rules as Rally class and will be integrated in the overall classification of each Rally event (join classification Rally and Rally 2). Rally 2 is for riders who haven't finished any national championship in the first 3 positions (in the last 5 years). The overall winner at the end of the year will get a Trophy. The winner of Rally 2 class in previous years will not be allowed to score again in this class in future years, therefore will have to integrate the Rally class in the following years.

......... HOBBIE - this trophy is designed for those wanting to learn how to navigate with a roadbook. No timed sections. The results are only based on distance (meaning excess distance due to navigation mistakes) + speed penalties + missed tracks section penalties (all converted into distances). FMP licence is not required. Results by distance including penalties. The overall winner at the end of the year will get a Trophy.

......... MOTO GPS Hobbie - this trophy is for those without a roadbook that will follow a GPS track. No timed sections.The itinerary is similar to the classes on roadbook with some small differences, therefore don't be too lazy ... if you follow the marks on the ground you'll get a penalty as well. The overall winner at the end of the year will get a Trophy.

......... MAXI TRAIL GPS Trophy - this trophy has the same rules as MOTO GPS Hobbie class. No timed sections.The difference is the motorbike - adventure bikes. The overall winner at the end of the year will get a Trophy.



Additionally there will be a WOMEN'S Trophy and a VETERANS Trophy (45+ yo):

  • Special classifications for class WOMEN (Rally/Rally2) and for class WOMEN (Hobbie)
  • Special classifications for class VETERANS (Rally/Rally2) and for class VETERANS (Hobbie)


Each event will have a separate classification counting for the 2021 Final Results.


For more information about the rules please contact us.


HORIZON ADVENTURES will be present in all events of the CNRR / R3 - RALLY-RAID PORTUGAL 2022 with our fleet of KTM 450 EXC fully equipped with a Navigation Tower from F2R and ICO.

Our Fly & Ride Package includes the Motorbike + Navigation tower + Accommodation (twin room sharing) + Lunch Pack + Light Support *.

During the Booking process you can add other services for us to take care, making your life easier.


We have 4 bikes fully equipped with an Electric Navigation Tower, GPS Garmin Montana and ICO Odometer.

We have 4 bikes equipped with GPS Garmin Montana, ready to participate in an additional class - Challenge GPS class (no roadbook) which has a special classification per event.


First come first serve, so, get your place in each event by clicking Book Now for the event you want to participate.


Check in at the Hotel.

18:00 Admistrative checks hall opening

22:00 Briefing stage 1

23:59 Close of administrative checks hall and Parc Ferme


Saturday – 1st stage: aprox. 250 kms

07:15 Parc Ferme opening

08:00 Start SS1 for the first bike

17:30 Arrival check point closes

18:00 Results SS1

19:00 Briefing stage 2 and dinner


Sunday – 2nd stage: aprox. 150 kms

07:15 Parc Ferme opening

08:00 Start SS2 for the first bike

14:00 Arrival check point closes

14:30 Lunch, final results and awards ceremony



Horizon Adventures has the following available packages:

1) Fly & Ride

Don’t worry about a thing ! Book your flight and let us take care of everything for you.

This package includes a KTM 450 EXC fully equipped with a Navigation Tower from F2R / ICO / GPS Garmin Montana + Accommodation (sharing a twin room) + Lunch Pack + Light Support *

Price: 830 €  (other add on's are available like single room supplement. Just tick the respective box during your booking process)


2) Bring your Enduro Bike

This package is designed for those who prefer to ride their own bike, but … don’t have any navigation instruments.

Bring your Enduro bike and we will add the necessary instruments, transforming your bike into a rally bike. This package includes the same items as the Pack “Fly & Ride” (except the bike).

Please make sure you have at least a power cable from the battery with a super seal end (female).

Price: 395 €  (just remove the bike's respective box on the booking process. Feel free to add other add on's like a personalized jersey)



3) Light Support ONLY

This pack is for those who bring their bike, and take care of all the pre-event preparation on their own (Hotels, Meals, Fuel, Event Registration).

The ONLY support provided under this pack is the Lunch Pack on the daily stages and the Light Support *

Price: 85 €   (remove all box tick on the booking process, except the Lunch Pack & Light Support)


* Light Support 

We are NOT providing Rally Support on a competition event. This means you can’t except someone to follow you wherever you go, to assist you whenever you need. That’s definately NOT the case. Light Support means our Van will be on every CP carrying spaires for our rented bikes (and your spaires if you bring them), all necessary tools to perform end of day maintenance or any repair during the stage (on best effort).

You can expect us to carry your bike in case of crash or mechanical damage + end of day light support (lube chain, check oil and water levels, check nav instruments, clear air filter). Repairs during the day are not included (as we might be assisting another rider), but on a best effort we will do everything we can to assist you and your bike during the daily stages.



(add the extras during booking process)

- Personalized jersey (name and number in the back)

- Single room supplement

- Gear rental

Registration on the event


Registration in the event is NOT included in our services.

Each participant has to register himself at:   (online platform for several events. Please select the correspondent event you are registering in)

With the event's registration you have included:

- Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch;

- Roadbooks in roll or notebook A5;

- FMP insurance.


Important: Please note that this is not an Horizon Adventures event, therefore our insurances designed to cover accidents in events organized by us are not applicable. We are acting here solely as bike suppliers. Although the Clubs and  Federations have Insurance for causalities in these events, we strongly recommend you to do a Travel Insurance with repatriation to your home country, in case of an accident. This Travel Insurance should include the sports activity you will be involved in.


Event registration prices communicated by the organizers, and payable via the registration online platform (not included in our services):

..................................NORMAL PRICE / LAST MINUTE PRICE

- MOTO RALLY -                        295 € / 335 €     (to be updated for 2022)

- MOTO RALLY 2 -                     260 € / 300 €     (to be updated for 2022)

- MOTO HOBBIE -                      230 € / 270 €     (to be updated for 2022)

- MOTO GPS HOBBIE -             195 € / 235 €     (to be updated for 2022)

- MAXITRAILS GPS HOBBIE -   195 € / 235 €     (to be updated for 2022)


NORMAL PRICE - Usually until 1 week before the event date

LAST MINUTE PRICE - 1 week before the event date


Event registration prices here mentioned are responsibility of the organizer club and FMP and may change without prior notice.


Do Not forget

Personal accident insurance with repatriation

Credit card to guarantee security deposit of € 1000 (only if you're renting one of our bikes)

Driving license (required)

Personal identification document

Money for personal expenses

Reservation process

Reservations are made on HorizonAdventures website ( Several extras can be added during the booking process, right after the selection of your tour. The optional extras will be displayed in several lines right below the booked tour.

When finalizing the booking the total amount of your bill will be transfered to a PayPal payment process. A 3,5% handling fee will be added to cover administrative costs.

As soon as we receive the payment, the place on the tour will be reserved. This payment is non-refundable in any case, but can be used if the customer wants to relocate on another tour, as long as it’s booked within 12 months after the initial tour date.

Once we receive confirmation of the bank transfer, we will send an email notification confirming your place on the tour.

Reservations are accepted only after the acceptance of the present Terms & Conditions, by ticking on the related check box.

Payments are be made by Paypal. Contact us for other methods of payment.



If a participant book a tour, but for some reason the payment has not been processed, HorizonAdventures will not secure the place on the tour, and reserves the right to cancel the reservation and open this place for other participants.

As this is an event organized by the Clubs under the supervision on the Portuguese Federation (FMP), HorizonAdventures can't be responsible for any cancellation that may occur for any reason, therefore we can't guarantee any reimbursement should the event be cancelled. This risk should be covered by each participant's Travel Insurance.



The personal and group security is a priority for HorizonAdventures.

The client must hold a driving license which must be brought on the tour, and has made known of any endorsements or restrictions made to it by the licensing authorities.

Disregarding the rules of transit or the tour, will not be tolerated and cause the immediate suspension of the tour.

All fines, judicial costs, etc., derived from any form of traffic infraction or other, caused by the client during the tour, will be payable by the client.

For all intents and purposes, the client is aware of the current legislation in Portugal and therefore assure, under Article 40, paragraph 2 of Law 5/2007, from January 16th, approving the Basic Law of Physical Activity and Sport, that does not have any contraindications to the practice of various sporting activities, which will be taking place.

The client declare that he has taken note of the program, taking any and all liabilities arising from acts performed by him of which result in damages to HorizonAdventures, or others, and accept to be obliged to pay compensation to the affected parties at the precise extent of this damage.

If the client leaves the tour voluntarily before completion of the tour, or is required to do so by HorizonAdventures, (on the grounds that the client’s presence is detrimental to the safety or well-being of the tour or any one person on the tour), then all liability that HorizonAdventures may bear to that client (namely the event insurance) will cease immediately. HorizonAdventures will have no responsibility for repatriation of the participant, or any other expenses which may arise out of such an event.


Insurance Policy

HorizonAdventures has contracted for all its activities a Liability Insurance, mandatory for all Touristic Animation Agents, according to article 27 of Decree-Law No. 108/2009 of May, 15th amended by the Decree-Law No. 95/2013 of July, 19th.

HorizonAdventures has also another Liability Insurance mandatory for all Tourist and Travel Agencies, according to article 35 of Decree-Law No. 61/2011 of May, 6th amended by the Decree-Law No. 199/2012 of August, 24th.

HorizonAdventures has a Personal Accident Insurance to cover his clients on any tour. The client is aware of the conditions of the Personal Accident Insurance, inherent to the tour, in particular the conditions and the coverage, according to article 27 of Decree-Law No. 108/2009 of May, 15th assuming responsibility for any damage not covered by its Policy, as well as any expenses that exceed the coverages of that policy, or any disease / pernicious situation that may occur.

Additionally, each participant must book in his country of residence a travel insurance including health care with repatriation to his own country, to be used in the event of an accident or medical emergency. This insurance must explicitly not exclude all terrain expeditions using rallyraid vehicles as means of transport, and has to be valid in all countries included on the tour. The client acknowledges that this specific risk coverage is his solely responsibility.

Important: Please note that this is not an Horizon Adventures event, therefore our insurances designed to cover accidents in events organized by us are not applicable. We are acting here solely as bike suppliers. Although the Clubs and  Federations have Insurance for causalities in these events, we strongly recommend you to do a Travel Insurance with repatriation to your home country, in case of an accident. This Travel Insurance should include the sports activity you will be involved in.


Room distribution

All tour prices are based on a twin room sharing.

The Single room supplement can be added on the booking process (extra cost). There is a limited number of single rooms which will be confirmed on a first come, first serve basis. If you are traveling alone but wish to share a twin room, HorizonAdventures will try to find you a roommate in the same situation.

If HorizonAdventures is unable to find a roommate, the last participant to book the tour will have to be charged for single room supplement.


Rules during the tour

In the initial briefing, some basic rules will be communicated to the group. Failure to follow these rules or any other staff indication that could compromise the security of any member of the group will result in immediate suspension of the participant.
- Respect traffic regulations and local speed limits;
- Do not consume alcoholic beverages during riding hours;
- Meet the timetables set out in the daily briefing;


Required documents

- Valid passport with expiration date higher than 6 months after the end of the tour.

- Driving license is mandatory for all tours.

- Credit card for online pre-payment authorizations (eg: deposit for GPS damages).

- Travel insurance including health care and repatriation to the country of residence.


Photo and video material

Photos and videos produced by HorizonAdventures in any tour are property of HorizonAdventures. The copyright is owned by HorizonAdventures.

With the acceptance of these terms and conditions, HorizonAdventures is authorized to use all this material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images of tours where participants can be recognized. Participants aren’t entitled to any claim against HorizonAdventures due to the use of these materials.


Final considerations

The client will comply strictly with the laws and customs of all countries visited, whether in respect of health, immigration, exchange control, drugs or any other matter.

Any discrepancy that may arise between the client and HorizonAdventures will be dealt with under the jurisdiction of the Company's home country - Portugal.

Read carefully the conditions described above and clarify all of your doubts.

To complete the booking process the client must agree and accept all these terms and conditions by ticking on the related checkbox.


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395 €

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