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OffRoad Algeria - 8 Days Tour

9 Nights
8 Days
1140 Kms
7 Riding days


Following the wish of many of our customers and friends, HORIZON ADVENTURES and MONTE RUIVO RALLY TRAVEL MANAGEMENT have agreed on a partnership to support our customers on the main European and African Rallies which take place in Greece, Albania, Morocco, Algeria, Greece and Albania.

This partnership means that MONTE RUIVO RALLY TRAVEL MANAGEMENT will offer Motorbike transport and Rally Raid Support to our customers racing in such rallies, and HORIZON ADVENTURES will offer the option of Motorbike rental (fully prepared with Rally Specifications) for those who wish to Fly and Ride, instead of the logistic to transport their bike from such distance.

Different packages are available for different rallies. Choose your next challenge and package. Contact us for further details.

The RALLIES where we will be offering our services are as follows:

:: March, 16th - 23th       :: Tuareg Rally

:: April, 12th - 21th          :: Morocco Desert Challenge (motorbike rental available)

:: September 21th - 27th :: Panafrica Rally (motorbike rental available)

(dates can be changed without previous notification as per FIM and/or Organizers)


(more events and complete information will be informed soon)



The Tuareg Rally 2019 takes place on the western edge of the Grand Erg Oriental.

The start of the rally will be in the desert town Taghit direct beside the Grand Erg Ocidental.

From there the track leads south to Beni Abes.

Two circuits into the mountains of Djebel Meznerent and the dunes of Erg Raoui will show you an impressing landscape.

The Rallye will end again in Taghit.


New Country New landscape

The Tuareg Rallye 2019 will take place in the Algerian desert with its impressing dunes and monumental mountains.

Mix of dune pist, off-road

The desert river Saura define the border between the Grand Erg Occidental and the mountains of the Jebel Barouan. Water have create spectacular landscapes. Sometimes there are only a few hundred meter between the rocks of the mountains and the dunes of the Grand Erg Occidental. The Design of the track will use this circumstance . The track of the Tuareg Rallye will regular change between dunes, pists and off-road. This guarantees diversified track with many highlights

Maximum Off-road 

100% Special no Liasion. Even none at the end or beginning.
The Tuareg Rallye 2019 starts in the middle of the Algerian desert.
Long road section from the coast to the desert for competitors are bridged by air. A chartered plane will bring the competitors to the desert airport of Bechar. With Off-road cars and busses you will be transported through the Barouan mountains direct to the start of the Tuareg Rallye which is placed at the beginning of the endless dunes of the Grand Erg Ocidental. Your service team will guarantee that your race vehicle is at the start in time.


Different levels of difficulty 
Expert or Pro. The stage of the Experts ends after the first finish. The Pro category have to manage additional 50% more. The additional track of the pro category is more difficult and includes more dunes.
The favourite track for cars, SSV and motorbikes is different. Because of this we have split the track design in into Pro Dunes and Pro Rallye.
Competitors in the Pro car category will drive with the Pro Rallye track rallye typical tracks with a combination of fast pists and dune section.
Competitors in the motorbike and SSV group will drive with the Pro Dune track more dunes with smaller pist section. Motorbike drivers have to mange special enduro sections

Fair competition

No wheeling and dealing. Simple rules. Controllable results.
Fair because of secret CP
Up to 10 Checkpoints will control if you drive the correct track. Additional advantage, you are not alone if you have a problem
Fair because of personal Timecard
You always have a copy of your result black on white. No one can manipulate them. Additional if you loose your card we have a copy of it.
Fair and simple Penalty
As faster you are, as more you drive as better you are in the result. Additional if you do not manage the complete track you still will have a fair result.
Fast and verifiable Results
Unofficial result will be available a few minutes after reaching the finish. Detailed final results will be published before briefing. In case of doubt, quick check by Orga or sports court.

Registration on the event

• Entry Fee 2,190€

For more information, go to the website of the event:



Complete information will be shared soon.

In the meantime, for more information, go to the website of the event:



Complete information will be shared soon.

In the meantime, for more information, go to the website of the event: 


Booking Rally Support Services

Select the event you will be racing, and click BOOK NOW on the respective date below.

Price seen below is a starting price for the cheapest event, with the lowest scope of service.

It will adjust to each event once you start the booking process, and will allow you to create your own package adding items to the basket of services you are booking.



Collecting bikes for Tuareg Rally

March, 7th (Thu) .: Loading bikes in Sweden

March, 9th (Sat) .: Loading bikes in D/NL/BE

March, 11th (Mon) .: Loading bikes in Portugal Lisbon / Évora

March, 12th (Tue) .: 23:00 Ferry Almeria – Oran

March, 13th (Wed) .: Customs Oran, travel south

March, 14th (Thu) .: Arrive Camp in Taghit

March, 15th (Fri) .: Setting up Camp in Taghit


The rally

March, 16th (Sat) .: Scruteneering 12:00 at Camp Taghit

March, 17th (Sun) .: STAGE 1 :. Oued Zouzfana: 190 km (Expert Category) + 40 km (ProDune Category)

Mix of curves pist, saltlake

Start and finish at Camp Taghit

March, 18th (Mon) .: STAGE 2 :. Taghit - Beni Abes: 160 km (Expert Category) + 40 km (Pro Dune Category)

Pist, oued, offroad

Start: Taghit

Finish: Beni Abes

March, 19th (Tue) .: STAGE 3 :. Circle Beni Abes: 210 km (Expert Category) + 40 km (Pro Dune Category)

Pist, Offroad, dunes

Start and finish at Camp Beni Abes

March, 20th (Wed) .: STAGE 4 :. Circle Beni Abes: 170 km (Expert Category) + 40 km (Pro Dune Category)

Pist, Offroad, dunes

Start and finish at Camp Beni Abes

March, 21st (Fri) .: STAGE 5 :. Beni Abes - Taghit: 160 km (Expert Category) + 40 km (Pro Dune Category)

Pist, oued, offroad

Start: Beni Abes

Finish: Taghit

March, 22nd (Sat) .: STAGE 6 :. Erg Taghit: 220 km (Expert Category) + 50 km (Pro Dune Category)

Surrounding on pist small dunes

Start and finish at Camp Taghit

March, 23rd (Sun) .: STAGE 7 :. Dune Race: 30 km (Expert Category) + 60 km (Pro Dune Category)

Start and finish at Camp Taghit

Dune Race until 13:00

Winner Party at 20:00

Back home

March, 24th (Sun) Travel to Oran

March, 25th (Mon) Ferry to Almeria

March, 26th (Tue) Almeria - Portugal

March, 27th (Wed) Unloading bikes in Lisbon / Évora



Complete information about the itinerary of this rally will be informed soon.



Complete information about the itinerary of this rally will be informed soon.

Monte Ruivo Rally Travel Management offer:

Basic Package (Malle Moto)

- Transport and return of your motorbike, tires and equipment from Portugal to Algeria. It includes one spare wheel, two 60L standard boxes + one equipment bag (max 25 kg).

Basic Package Upgrade Transport from Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium

- Added to the Basic Package, it includes the Transport and return of your motorbike, tires and equipment from one of the countries above.

Basic Package Upgrade Transport from Sweden

- Added to the Basic Package, it includes the Transport and return of your motorbike, tires and equipment from Sweden.

Service Package 1

- Added to the selected Basic Package it includes additionally :

- Access to covered service area with 220V power, light, air, tools, waste oil handling, tire changer, bike stand, tables and benches.

- Consumables such as paper, Brake Clean, WD-40, disposable gloves, zip-tie, tape, bolts and nuts garbage bags.

- Catering. Water, snacks, coffee and tea.

- Administration, assistance with flights, hotel, insurance, custom clearance, race license, entries and contact with the race organisation.

- Access to emergency spares (KTM/HVA), wheel bearings, brake pads, oil filter, brake- and clutch levers, throttle wire, battery, gear lever, Trip ICO-Rallymax G, Roadbook F2R RB750, switches and wires.

Service Package 2

- Added to Service Package 1, it includes additionally:

- Full daily service, by check list, of your bike during the race, tire and wheel changes, excluding spare parts.

Extra Tire / Wheel

- Transport of one spare tire / wheel.

Extra 60L Std Box

- Transport of one spare 60 liters standard box.


Monte Ruivo Rally Travel Management:

Mikael Berglund, 57 years, Rally rider with experience from Australian Safari, Tuareg, Libya Rally. Did the DAKAR in 2015. Has all his life been repairing and riding motorcycles, did his first MX race in 1975. Is still riding the Portuguese Rally Series. Has been mechanic on a number of desert rallies.

Christina Berglund, 54 years, background as mechanical engineer and project manager at Atlas Copco. She makes sure that everything is in order in the team, Wake up call, What is my start time?, When is the briefing?, Any more water?, Where is the fuel truck?


Horizon Adventures motorbike offer:

Standard Rally Motorbike:

Standard motorbike is a KTM 450 (or 500) EXC equipped with the following ready to race extras:

-      Big fuel tank (17 liters)

-      Hand guard protections

-      Electric Roadbook RB750 from F2R

-      Odometer ICO satellite

-      GPS Garmin Montana 610

-      Gear ratio 48 x 14

-      Front tire DUNLOP 80-100/21

-      Rear tire DUNLOP 110-100/18

-      Mousses Michelin (front and Rear)

Optional extras:

-      Extra tires

-      Extra wheels


Motorbike rental is only possible in combination with full package from Monte Ruivo Rally Travel Management, including Service Package 2.

Motorbike rental is not available for all the events, and is subject to prior confirmation of availability.

For that reason it's not available on the options of the booking process. Contact us in advance for information on price and availability.


The following are not included:

- Registration fee and other mandatory costs from the organization
- Flight and transfer to start and finish
- Personal tools on the motorcycle
- Tires, spare parts, oil and fuel during the competition
- Food and drink on race stages
- Transport of motorcycle and equipment to and from loading point in Lisbon
- Pens, tape and scissors for roadbooks work
- Tent, sleeping bag and mattress
- Personal accident insurance


Terms & Conditions for Rally Support Services

Minimum number of participants: 3 riders
Binding notification and first payment: 2018-10-31, 500 Euro (non refundable)
Full payment: 2019-01-31
Refund of Fee: Refund due to illness or other special reasons, the fee will be refunded minus the registration fee of 500 Euro until 2019-02-16. Thereafter no refund will be made.


Terms & Conditions for Motorbike rental

Contact us for price and availability and we will inform you as well about terms and conditions for motorbike rental.