We all loved coming to Morocco.  A trip of a lifetime for sure.

I always find the intensity of these trips interesting. We are thrown together for a non stop period of riding/drinking/eating/talking. During this time nothing in the world exists outside of our own tiny little bubble, and all we have to worry about is riding the bike. Whilst you take care of everything else. Meet new people (what a great bunch they were; your Portugese friends are absolutely delightful) and then you leave the bubble, and maybe never meet again. Strange, but fantastic!

Next year we will come back to Portugal. I think May is a good month…

We will be in touch with you to make something happen again. We are all getting older, more aches and pains, more injuries to nurse, perhaps more risk averse, but nonetheless it is such a joy to ride a bike in freedom and with freedom with such a class host as you, ending the day with a beer, good food and good conversation.

Rob, UK
Morocco, Feb 2019