Route of the Sun

Touring Portugal - Days

3 Nights
4 Days
1100 Kms
4 Riding days


This is a self-guided tour that you can do whenever it best suits your plans.

We have prepared everything for you to enjoy the best motorcycle trip at the best price in full comfort and security.

How does it work ?

Instead of "just" renting a bike and having to plan your trip in a country where you struggle to know which are the places that must be visited, the best roads, the charming hotels, the best restaurants ... and so on, we have done this planning in advance, so that you just have to pick up the bike and follow the plan at your own pace enjoying the best in the visited areas.

> All in all you'll get:

Motorcycle Rental + GPS with route + Charm Hotel Units + Best Riding Roads + Mobile App, tips and restaurants + 24h support + Detailed Map

What you need to do:

Step 1 > Send us an email with the date you want to do the tour (we'll then create the tour date so that you can do the booking)

Step 2 > Book your self-guided tour by clicking the button Book Now. (after getting our email back from step 1)

Step 3 > When you pick up the bike:

...............First, you collect your pack (Tour book + GPS + Motorbike and helmet + rental contract + T-Shirt and offers)

...............You'll get a Tour presentation (one of our staff members will explain the route in detail and introduce the Tour Book)

...............We'll explain you in detail how to operate the GPS and follow the route day by day

...............You'll get an explanation of the motorbike controls and luggage system (we can keep your big travel bags safe at our store until the end of your trip)

Step 4 > Off you go ! Have fun :-)


Tour Details

Start/Finish: Lisbon, Portugal

Nearest Airport: Lisbon (3 kms from our store)

Escape from your routine and take a couple of days off. 4 days is all you need to re-energize your mind and body with an outstanding ride in southern Portugal.

On the Costa Vicentina, you will find unspoiled fishing villages where you can taste some of the best grilled fish in the world. Sagres welcomes you with amazing landscapes and the warm waters from the Mediterranean sea.

Some of the best beaches of the Algarve are located in the Lagos & Portimão region, also the place where you can find the Portimão Racing track.

Climb the Monchique Mountains through delicious roads, a perfect fit for our motorcycling riding pleasure. From the top, on a clear day, you can see amazing views from the West and South Coast.

The Vilamoura Marina has one of the most vibrant nightlife in the Algarve, but do not get too tired, a natural treasure is waiting for you on the next day.

The Guadiana River Valley will guide you to the Alentejo Wine Region, where you can visit some of the most renowned wineries in Portugal. Enjoy a nice lunch in the Monsaraz Castle, overlooking the biggest artificial lake in Europe, the Alqueva, and relax in the medieval squares of the UNESCO Heritage city of Évora before returning for the last night in Lisbon.

Recommended months for this tour: Best from February to July and from September to November.

Due to Hotel & lodging high season rates, these tour prices will increase by 25% for all tours starting between 1st July and 30th September.

Day by Day

Day 1 Lisbon to Sagres on the Atlantic Route visiting Portugal's most unspoiled beaches.

Day 2​ Sagres to Vilamoura through the best beaches and the most preserved Algarve mountains.

Day 3​ On the border to Andalucia, in Spain, the Guadiana River valley is a Natural Wonder

Day 4 Beja to Lisbon: the Alentejo Wine Route with a rest stop in the UNESCO Heritage city Évora.

You can arrive early in the morning to start your ride. We suggest you arrive one day earlier to Lisbon and enjoy our beautiful city before your ride.

If you book the extra night with us you can pick up the bike on the day before (6pm) and start your ride from the hotel on the next morning!

Route Profile

Good quality asphalt 100%

Graded gravel roads 0%

Challenging Off-Road 0%

Total distance: 1100 kms

Daily distances: 150 to 400 kms

Riding hours a day: 3-5

All the route is on good asphalted roads away from the highways.


BMW GS Rental, last model, fully equipped

Complete luggage system (top case + side cases + inner bags)

Flip-up helmet for pilot and passenger

Low seat option (upon request)

Electronic toll payment system (no stop)

BMW GPS System with the detailed route, day-by-day

GPS Route including main attraction points, restaurants, and viewpoints

Mobile App with maps, tips, and restaurant suggestions

24h phone support and whatsapp during all the tour

3 nights (carefully selected luxury Hotels, 4 e 5* and charm collection)

3 buffet breakfasts

Motorcycle Rental Insurance with theft and total loss coverage

24h assistance on the road by BMW Motorrad and with included insurance

All taxes

Not Included


Transfers (taxi 7€ approx)

Lunches, Dinners and drinks

Motorcycle fuel

Personal expenses


Age: > 25 years old

Rental Insurance deposit

Valid credit card for bike deposit

Reservation Process

Reservations are made on HorizonAdventures website ( Several extras can be added during the booking process, right after the selection of your tour. The optional extras will be displayed in several lines right below the booked tour. When finalizing the booking the participant will NOT be asked for any payment. We will first check the availability on the tour, and only then we will ask you a first payment of 25%, calculated on the tour price including the selected extras. A 3% handling fee will be added to cover administrative costs.

As soon as we receive the first payment of 25%, the place on the tour will be reserved. This payment is non-refundable in any case.

Once we receive confirmation of the bank transfer, we will send an email notification confirming your place on the tour.

The remaining payment should take place no later than 60 days before the start of the tour.

Reservations are accepted only after the acceptance of the present Terms & Conditions, by ticking on the related check box.

Payments can be made by Paypal. Contact us for other methods of payment.


Organizers”, the itinerary and accommodation on the Tours may be organized by HorizonAdventures or a certified partner, hereinafter mentioned as the ORGANIZERS.

"Rent-a-Bike", HorizonAdventures may use a BMW Motorrad Official / Certified Partner for the rental of motorbikes to run these tours.

Self-Guided”, these Tours don`t have a Tour Leader neither logistic support for luggage or pillions.

Ownbike”, in some Tours there is the possibility of using your own bike. During the reservation process you may apply the respective voucher that will give you a discount on the standard price tour.


Cancellation of the Tour by the Organizers: If the Organizers cancel the Tour all participants will be reimbursed with the full amount that they have paid so far.

Withdrawal notice is received more than 30 days before the Tour: If the participant's withdrawal occurs more than 30 days before the Tour, the Organizers return half the amount paid to date by the participant, with the exception of the registration fee which is non-refundable.

Withdrawal less than 30 days before the Tour: If the withdrawal takes place within the 30 days prior to departure, the Organizers shall not return any payments to the customer.

The Organizers can cancel the Tour up to 60 days before the date in case of insufficient number of participants. In this case the customer will be immediately notified and your payments will be fully refunded, which constitutes full settlement.

The Organizers reserves the right to cancel or stop a Tour when for any reason the safety or comfort of the participants are not guaranteed in countries or regions of the Tour route, including force majeure as riots, floods, earthquakes, etc.

We recommend hiring a travel insurance that covers the costs of a possible cancellation of the Tour.

Motorcycle hire for the Tours

Tours departing from Lisbon: In all Tours departing from Lisbon, it is necessary to conduct a rental contract for the use of the motorcycle. This contract is celebrated directly between each participant and the Organizers that provides the motorcycles and it is absolutely necessary for the pilot to be legally authorized to drive the vehicle in which the Tour is done. The rental price is already included in the value of the Tour and there is no need for any further payment.

It is however necessary to have a compulsory excess or deposit to operate the motorcycle safely. The values of compulsory excess or deposit vary with the chosen model of motorcycle.

Tours departing out of Lisbon: Iceland and South Africa it is necessary to conduct a rental contract for the use of the motorcycle. This contract is celebrated directly between each participant and the local partner of the Organizers that provides the motorcycles. This process absolutely necessary for the pilot to be legally authorized to drive the vehicle in which will make the Tour. The rental value is already included in the total amount of the Tour and there is no need for any further payment. It is however necessary to have compulsory excess or deposit to operate the motorcycle safely. The value of the compulsory excess or deposit vary with the chosen model of the motorcycle.

The purpose of the contract is the temporary use of a motorcycle by the Client. The Organizers declares that to the best of their knowledge the rented motorcycle is in safe condition, free from faults or defects affecting its safe operation under normal use.

The conditions are general we reserve the right to any changes and specific agreements (to be established in writing).

The Client must be over 25 years old and have at least one year of driving experience on a motorcycle with the size and power similar to the one they wish to rent.

The motorcycle must be delivered in correct and safe technical conditions for circulation. You must also receive the documents of the vehicle, accessories and tools chosen. The Organizers should check and accept existing damage that is defined in writing on the damage form as part of the handover procedure. If even without Client's fault, repair work is necessary during the rental period to ensure the operation or proper functioning of the motorcycle, you must receive consent from Organizers prior to any repair. Other claims are excluded, regardless of any legal reason, unless loss or damage to the Client to be attributed to serious or intentional negligence by the Organizers.

It is the Client responsibility to ensure that the rented motorcycle:

  1. a)  Shall be used according to manufacturer's recommendations
  2. b)  Shall be used in full respect of highway codes of the countries in which it is driven
  3. c)  Shall not be used negligently
  4. d)  Shall not carry more passengers than its approved capacity allows
  5. e)  Shall not be used for racing or competition
  6. f)   Shall not be used for illegal purposes
  7. g)  Shall not carry more weight than it is allowed.
  8. h)  Shall not be used by anyone else except by Clients stated in the rental contract
  9. i)   Shall not be used if its mechanical condition is deemed unsafe
  10. j)   Shall not be used after consumption of drugs or alcohol or other narcotic substances.
  11. l)   Shall not be used when the Client's physical conditions are weakened by fatigue or illness.

Failure to comply with any of the preceding paragraphs involves the immediate cancellation of insurance and Client accountability on the total value of the motorcycle and accessories as new.

Compulsory excess or deposit: The compulsory excess or deposit is a locked value in the corresponding to credit card deposit to lease the motorcycles, this will be returned at the end of the lease and it is not liable to pay any fees for using the card. Deductibles may vary from motorcycle model to motorcycle model but in all cases represent the maximum amount payable by the participant in the event of damage to the motorcycle.

Motorcycle use limits: The motorcycles included in the Tour package are limited to travel only and only in the scope and course of the Tour. Not included and will not be permitted the use of the motorcycle outside the described route or private uses on rest days and / or at the end of the daily stages.

Rental period: The rental period is not interrupted due to an inability to fly by the customer or for any other reason.

Safety: personal and group safety is a priority of the Organizers. The use of the motorcycle in a reckless manner and disregarding the rules of transit or of the Tour will not be tolerated and creates an immediate suspension of the pilot, with the motorcycle locked.

The Client is responsible for all fines and penalties and legal fees for traffic irregularities or other breaches of law during the rental period of the motorcycle. Organizers will charge the Client for any penalty and has the responsibility to inform the authorities of the identity and other information regarding the Client. An administrative fee of 50€ shall be added to all notifications of fines, penalties and offenses of Clients, which are received by the Organizers.

The motorcycle is rented with a full fuel tank and must be returned in the same way. The return of the motorcycle without the full fuel tank involves the payment of a fee of 40€. The motorcycle will be delivered by HorizonAdventures with tires, brake pads and the general maintenance plan run by the network of authorized dealers BMW Motorrad ready for normal use in perfect conditions.

In the case of a mechanical failure, you must contact the Organizers stating your location accurately and with detailed information about the failure. If repair is necessary and possible, you must obtain consent before making such repair. If repair is not possible, the Organizers will seek to replace the damaged motorcycle at the earliest possible opportunity. The Organizers shall refund the value of the corresponding rental to the period when the motorcycle was immobilized due to the possible failure. If for any reason the replacement is not possible, the Organizers shall reimburse you for the rental days not enjoyed. The Organizers are not responsible for lost time due to accidents or mechanical failures that could delay or stop the Client holiday or travel plans.

In case of accident or injury, the Client is required to immediately notify the Organizers by phone. Towing services and/or repair should only be called when agreed by the Organizers. Police and rescue resources must be notified immediately in the event of an accident. Evidence must be ensured and fulfilling an insurance statement together with each of the other drivers involved. Note the their names, addresses, phone numbers, driving license numbers and issuing authorities, brands, models and colors registrations of vehicles, details of insurance (insurance company and policy number). Also the contacts of any eye witnesses should be collected, braking marks, and all the information that contributes to the correct and complete understanding of the sequence of events.

Shall be provided the keys corresponding motorcycle and luggage. No duplicate will be provided. The Client is responsible for the security of the keys during the rental period and must return all keys at the end of the rental. The Organizers are not responsible for damage arising from loss, theft or damaged keys that may cause the premature interruption or end of the rental period contracted. The loss of a key incurs a fee of replacement keys of 300 €.

Shall provide all documents necessary for the circulation of the vehicle in particular copy of the rental contract, registration, proof of ownership and proof of insurance. Client is responsible for these documents during the rental period and should return all documents at the end of this period. The loss of any of these documents incurs in a replacement rate of 100 € per document.

The motorcycle fleet is all equipped with an electronic identifier which allows the use of the Via Verde lane on the Portuguese motorways without stopping. The value of the toll is registered electronically and debited from rental company account until 72 hours after the passage.

Use of this system is included in the rental and provides a 30% discount on tolls.

At the end of the rental contract the Client will be charged by the Organizers the value of tolls on the motorcycle that was used during the rental period. These values will not include tolls from the last 72 hours; those shall be communicated to the Client for later payment

Inclusions and Exclusions 

Included: Tours usually include all accommodation with breakfast, BMW motorcycle rental, GPS with the daily route and Tour Book. As these tours are self-guided meals are not included, as well as there isn't a tour leader or a support vehicle. You can find the specific inclusions and exclusions in the particular conditions of each Tour and the Tour Information Pack.

Distribution of rooms: There are a limited number of single rooms that cost extra and will be reserved in order of reservation, but availability cannot be guaranteed. If traveling alone, but want to share a room, the Organizers will try to find you a roommate who is in the same situation. If Organizers are unable to find a roommate, you shall be charged extra for a single room.

Not included in the Tours; all meals, tolls, fuel, drinks, or personal expenses of any kind. You can find the specific inclusions and exclusions in the particular conditions of each Tour and the Tour Information Pack.


Liability insurance: is included in all Tours liability insurance (third party) for the use of the motorcycle, when a motorcycle hire is part of the Tour package. Civil liability insurance and shock or collision insurance is valid in Portugal and Spain. Driving in other European countries may be permitted by in writing. If the Organizers become aware of unauthorized exit out of the authorized territory, the contract conditions are violated, resulting in immediate cancellation of insurance and Client accountability for all damage and theft that may occur outside the territory authorized by the Organizers, to the total value of the motorcycle and accessories as new.

Damage and Theft Insurance: When the Tour includes the motorcycle rental, an insurance regarding damage and theft of the motorcycle is included for values superior to the franchise.

The Client is responsible for taking the repair and replacement costs up to the value of the chosen coverage option (Basic or VIP)

In any case the Insurance conditions are cancelled, the Client is liable for all the damage to the rented motorcycle if:

- The Client leaves the scene of an accident in which he has been involved.

- The Client does not immediately report to the authorities and to the Organizers theft or disappearance of the motorcycle or accessories.

- The rented motorcycle was intentionally damaged by The Client or someone for whom you are responsible.

- The motorcycle is involved in an accident and the Client fails to notify Organizers at the earliest possible time.

- Motorcycle is piloted under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics or other narcotic substances.

- Motorcycle is piloted in areas not authorized by the Organizers as unpaved roads and racing circuits.

Basic Insurance

All Tours starting in Lisbon it is included in the value of the rental a Basic Insurance. This insurance includes full coverage against all risks in the event of damage, accident, fire or theft, and the value of the mandatory deposit is:

1500€ on hire of BMW F750GS

1500€ on hire of BMW F850GS

2250€ on hire of a motorcycle model BMW 1250GS

2500€ on hire of a motorcycle model BMW 1250GS Adventure

This means that the Client is responsible for paying up to a maximum of these values ​​for damage, theft or total loss of the vehicle. The rest is covered by insurance.

All Tours starting in Marrakesh it is included in the value of the rental an Insurance with responsibility against 3rd parties.

VIP Insurance

All Tours starting in Lisbon is is also available a VIP insurance (optional and available only for rentals of 5 days or more). It has a daily cost of 25€, and it includes the same coverage of insurance against all risks with a decreased mandatory deposit as follows:

400€ on a lease of BMW F750GS

400€ on a lease of BMW F850GS

500€ on a lease of a motorbike model BMW 1250GS

600€ on a lease of a motorbike model BMW 1250GS Adventure

This means that the Client is responsible for paying up to a maximum of these values for damage, theft or total loss of the vehicle. The rest is covered by insurance

Travel insurance: To participate in the Tours it is required by each participant to hire a travel insurance in your country of residence that does not exclude the motorcycle as means of transport and to ensure medical and health care with repatriation to their country of residence in case of emergency doctor in any of the countries that during the Tour.

Optional accessories such as GPS, helmets and motorcycle equipment are not covered by insurance, the cost to repair or replace due to damage, loss or theft will be sustained by the Client.

Rules during the Tour

Respect traffic rules and local speed limits.

Do not consume alcoholic beverages during the Tour stages

Required Documentation

Valid passport: You must have a valid passport with expiration date not less than 6 months after the end of the Tour. We also recommend that you have at least 4 pages fully free for stamps.

International drivers license, or National driving license for tours in Portugal / Spain.

Credit Card: Required for conducting insurance franchises in fulfilling the rental agreement of the motorcycle that is used on the Tour. We recommend VISA or MasterCard; American Express is not always accepted.

Travel Visa: The application for visas is the responsibility of each participant; contact us to find out the specific requirements for your nationality.

International Vaccines Card: Required in some Tours, see the particular conditions or contact us for further information.

Travel Insurance Policy: Each participant must hire travel insurance in their country of residence that does not exclude the motorcycle as means of transport and to ensure health care with repatriation to their country of residence in case of accident or medical emergency. This insurance must be valid in all countries where the Tour takes place. A copy of your insurance policy must be handed to the Organizers at the beginning of the Tour.

Photo and Video Equipment

The photos and videos produced by the Organizers during the Tour are the property of the Organizers. Copyright are held by the Organizers. The Organizers are authorized to use all this material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images which individual members of the Tours can be recognized, and the member is not entitled to make a claim against the Organizers for the use of this material.

Statement of responsibility

Piloting  a motorcycle is an activity that has a high risk, at the beginning of each Tour each participant will be asked to complete and sign a liability statement which recognizes that the Organizers, its owners, employees and agents are not safety guardians of any of the customer and they, individually or collectively, could not be responsible in any way for any occurrence related to accidents that may result in injury, death, or damage to the customer, your property, your family, heirs, or assigns.

This document includes a field where you should fill in the details of an emergency contact from your country of origin, the contact details and details of your travel insurance policy.

Acceptance of the General Conditions of the Organizers Tour

Read carefully the conditions described above and clarify all of your doubts. By confirming your reservation in sending the booking confirmation form, also confirms the acceptance of these conditions.

Competent Court

Both the Client and Organizers agree that all disputes arising from this contract shall be resolved exclusively in the District Court of Lisbon in Portugal.